Team Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness

Now more than ever, organisations are looking at how to motivate and manage their teams in a period of change and uncertainty.

Utilizing well researched and validated team assessment tools we support organisational teams to understand team dynamics, values, culture, strengths and derailers.

Based on team assessments accredited executive coaches can support the team to:

  • Develop a climate of psychological safety, conducive to collective learning. Team members learn to have open dialogue, to share concerns and fears and to work with constructive, empathetic challenge. As a result they build deeper levels of trust and higher quality of collaboration.
  • Gain greater clarity, coherence and consistency around priorities – what’s most important for the team to achieve collectively. One of the signs that a team is successful in this is that individuals routinely put the team priorities ahead of their own personal task priorities.
  • Better understand the processes that underlie how the team works, and identify ways to improve these. Team coaching helps the team question and validate its own assumptions, with the result that radically new ways of working frequently emerge
  • Manage all three types of conflict (task, process and relationship) constructively – so that conflict becomes a driver of performance, rather than a barrier.
  • Through systemic team coaching the team is supported to re-energise, refocus and create collective habits of success.


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